Innovations need support

8 september 2015

The Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Vasily Pushkin gave a speech in Krasnodar at the Innovation as Strategic Factor in Regional Economic Development regional conference titled “Role of the state in developing the sphere of innovations”

In his speech Mr. Pushkin told the conference participants about work carried out by the Analytical Center to evaluate the performance of some elements of the innovation infrastructure and he articulated the tasks the state faces: providing access to funding, removing administrative barriers, establishing horizontal partner connections, developing human capital, business development consulting, finding strategic partners and investors, defending intellectual rights, tax breaks and so on.

The expert described the measures taken by the state to implement the program Innovative Development Strategy of the Russian Federation, the federal budget expenditure on developing innovation infrastructure, innovational development institutions and elements of innovational infrastructure created (business incubators, techno parks, engineering centers and prototyping centers, special economic zones of the technical innovation type, innovational territorial clusters and so on).

The speaker highlighted threats that cannot be ignored during planning and implementing innovative projects – the worsening economic situation in Russia, the negative impact of mutual sanctions, accelerating technological development of the global economy, a strengthening of competition on a global scale, and, above all, competition for highly qualified staff and for investment.

The expert said that he believes the key problems facing innovation development in Russia are the low share of the corporate sector in financing scientific research, lack of an agreed system for support by the development institutions and elements of accompanying infrastructure, lack of coordination among government departments, low demand for innovations, inefficient management of scientific resources, and others.

Vasily Pushkin also described the problems of innovative environment development in the Krasnodar Region. Surveys show that respondents believe the most important types of support to be financial factors (tax and other benefits, access to financing), support targeted at building connections with other participants of the innovation process (finding strategic partners, exchanging information and contacts), developing human capital and working together to stimulate demand for innovations.

In his conclusion, Vasily Pushkin articulated recommendations for achieving success in the area of innovations:

·         to harmonize activities and target indicators in the Strategy with the activities and target indicators in state-funded programs, as well as with the key performance indicators of development institutions;

·         to consolidate in one-stop shop information about all forms of state support and to ensure timely and complete information sharing for the relevant beneficiaries about the elements of the innovative infrastructure;

·         to expand communication between manufacturers and consumers of innovative production; and

·         to systematize work aimed at creating a single information center that would provide information about the results of research by scientific research institutes and higher educational institutions.