The Analytical Center Provides Expert Support to the Development of the Baikal Region

26 august 2015

The Analytical Center has participated in the 4th International Baikal Dialog Forum. The Deputy Head Mikhail Pryadilnikov talked at the plenary session of the forum devoted to looking at the exploration of the natural resources of the Baikal Region through the prism of environmental laws. The Head of the Department for Regional Policy and Far East Developmen Sergey Aristov moderated the Problems and Prospects of Development of Single Industry Towns round table organized by the Analytical Center.

In his report on the role of the Analytical Center in Supporting Federal and Regional Initiatives Mikhail Pryadilnikov talked about the role the Analytical Center plays in providing expert support to the civil service, federal and regional executive authorities.  According to Mr. Pryadilnikov, recently special attention has been paid to the development of the Far East and the Trans-Baikal regions. Specifically, at the request of the Ministry for the Development of the Far East, the Analytical Center has prepared a new version of the state program for the socio-economic development of the Far East and the Baikal region that includes a special subprogram for the development of the Trans-Baikal region.

The expert also talked about efforts aimed at supporting single-industry towns. Thus, the Analytical Center is participating in the Work Group for the Modernization of Single Industry Towns of the Governmental Commission for Economic Development and Integration. On instructions of the Government a plan has been developed to support the single industry town of Usolye-Sibirskiy in Irkutsk Oblast, for which the Analytical Center in conjunction with the regional administration has developed an integrated investment development plan that includes creation of the Usolye  chemical industry industrial park. ‘On the whole, the Analytical Center is ready to offer all kinds of support to the regions with regards to designing development programs and analyzing the socio-economic situation,’ Mr. Pryadilnikov was quoted as saying.

During the Forum the Analytical Center organized a round table on the problems and development prospects of single industry towns moderated by the Head of the Department for Regional Policy and Far East Development Sergey Aristov.  Discussions during the round table focused on new approaches to the development of single industry towns. ‘We believe the right thing to do here is to hear out the municipal governments and pass their opinion on to federal executive authorities,’ Sergey Aristov said as he opened the round table. He noted the crucial importance of initiatives originating with municipal governments as they are directly responsible for the single industry towns that they run.

‘At the same time the heads of municipal governments must have a clear understanding of the federal center’s policy towards them,’ Mr. Aristov considers. ‘So on the one hand the federal center is hearing them out but on the other it’s explaining things. It’s only at this junction of being able to understand federal policy and municipal initiatives being taken into account that we can come up with solutions that will have a real positive impact on the development of single industry towns.’

 The authorized representative of the Russian President in the Northern Federal District Valery Popov, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Trans-Baikal Region Sergey Novichenko, heads of executive government authorities and municipal governments of single industry towns in the Baikal region were among the round table participants.