Open Data Portal Gets Improved Usability

25 august 2015

The open data portal launched in 2013 is evolving, offering new services and improved usability both for consumers of open data as well as for people and organizations that publish and analyze them. Developers keep getting feedback from professional users of the portal about its current functionality and development. On August 25 the Analytical Center held another meeting to discuss the open data portal.

‘Today 3669 data sets are available on the portal, we’ve got 778 registered data suppliers while the number of downloads has approached 256 thousand and is doubling every quarter,’ reported the ZAO Gosbuk representative Yuri Linkov. And even though the developers want more content to be available on the portal, the short term development targets focus on further optimization of the services and improvements in the convenience of publishing and searching for information.

Experts talked about the changes that had been made based on what had been agreed in past meetings and discussions.  It is not just the interface that has been upgraded. A lot of the data publishing, data processing and data analysis functions have been improved as well. ‘When the concept for the portal was developed and approved, there was some difference of opinion about what it was supposed to be like,’ the Open Government Expert Pavel Konotopov said, ‘And today we’ve still got some unresolved issues concerning the portal both in terms of open data infrastructure and its role as a tool for implementing open data projects.‘

Among the issues discussed at the meeting were the functions of open data registers and the consolidated register; what constitutes the infrastructure of open data; the role of the portal in providing informational and communications support for open data; the links between the infrastructures of open data and open government; and others.