The Analytical Center Participates in Creating a New Methodology for Developing Mono-Industry Towns

17 august 2015

The Analytical Center has analyzed the whole range of state support measures that can be offered to mono-industry towns. The experts have concluded that only a synergy of measures can ensure a quality outcome. The new methodology was discussed by the Government and made official when on July 22nd the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev issued an instruction introducing it.

The first pilot region was the monotown of Usolye-Sibirsky in Irkutsk Oblast for which the Analytical Center in conjunction with the regional government worked out an integrated investment development plan involving the creation of the Khimprom Usolye Cluster industrial park. On Wednesday, August 12, the plan was supported at a meeting of the working group for the modernization of monotowns of the Governmental Commission for Development and Integration, which includes the head of the Analytical Center Konstantin Noskov.

According to the proposed plan, documents are to be prepared by September 1st for the creation in Usolye-Sibirsky of an accelerated development territory as per the government’s resolution “On the specific features of creating of accelerated development territories in Russian municipalities dominated by a single industry (monotowns)”, which went into effect this July.

The forward looking methodology for drawing up integrated plans for the creation and development of accelerated development territories in monotowns offers completely new approaches to development of territories. According to Konstantin Noskov, not only should they stimulate emergence of isolated industrial estates in monotowns but also reinvigorate investment activities by attracting both domestic and foreign investors.

In this area the Analytical Center is closely cooperating with the Ministry of Economic Development, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives and the Foundation for the Development of Monotowns established in the fall of 2014. The foundation creates conditions for drawing in investments and creating jobs in the so called ‘crisis-hit’ monotowns characterized by complicated socio-economic situations. Currently Russia has 94 such mono-industry towns.

The Analytical Center is also working on other ways to help the socio-economic development of monotowns. Specifically, our experts are going to provide methodological help with introducing project management in the public sector at all levels: the federal, regional and municipal.