Experts Discuss Development Prospects of Road Service

30 july 2015

The Analytical Center has held a round table on the development of road service area facilities along federal highways. The experts do not think that road service facilities along federal highways currently meet the real demands of drivers.

Analytical Center expert Mikhail Nizov noted that the goal of the round table was to analyze the current state of road services available on federal general purpose highways based on studies conducted so far. “We need to come up with an assessment of the current state of road services that all interested market participants would agree on and then find ways to develop our road services,” Mr. Nizov said.

The Head of the Land and Property Relations Directorate of the Federal Road Agency Yuri Lakhin reminded those present that in June 2014 the Russian Ministry of Transport approved a road map for the implementation of the concept for the development of road services along federal highways. “At the moment, the Federal Road Agency has commissioned a comprehensive study of the current situation with road services as part of the road map,” he said.

The findings of the first stage of this research were presented at the round table. “The process consists of three parts,” said the Executive Director of Invest Consulting LLC Alexander Perminov. “First we study and analyze road service facilities, then we summarize and systematize our conclusions and classify standard road service facilities and then finally we come up with proposals for what changes need to be made to existing regulations.” According to him, without such proposals development of road services would grind to a halt.

The Invest Consulting’s legal expert Evgeniya Kolesnichenko talked about what amendments have been proposed for the current laws regulating the siting of road service facilities. “It would make the most sense to site road service facilities in the areas immediately adjacent to the roads as regulations already exist for how those areas can be used. This will allow the road service concept to be implemented quickly and with the required level of quality,” she believes. Ms. Kolesnichenko also believes that the only way the concept can be implemented is if the state directly manages and supervises the process.

The findings of a study of the existing road service facilities available on general purpose federal roads were also presented at the round table with projections about how they could be developed. In addition, the specialists discussed a methodology for developing multi-functional road service facilities depending on the amount of traffic and considered classification of the multi-functional zone.