Project Olympus Organizational Committee Announces Completion of the Application Round

30 july 2015

The collection of applications for participating in the Project Olympus will stop on July 30, but the contest itself is just gaining momentum. The organizers will have a difficult period of reviewing contest reports and selecting participants for the final round.

The Project Olympus unites 3 categories of participants: federal executive authorities and their subordinate agencies, regional executive authorities and their subordinate agencies, as well as state companies, state corporations and development institutes. The Organizational Committee emphasizes the high activity of regions – most applications for key categories were received from there.

“This year, we have introduced a new category – “Project Office Organization and Operation” and were not mistaken: according to the intentions of contestants to participate just in that category, the demand for such organizational structures for systematic management of project activities is rather high at all level of authorities,” said Pavel Shestopalov, the Head of the Department for Project Management in the Public Sector of the Analytical Center.

Due to such high interest, the Organizational Committee decided to extend the acceptance of applications until August 3, while contest reports would be accepted until August 10, as planned. Applications should be sent electronically to

Summing up the results and the awarding ceremony will be held during the Project Management Implementation in Public Sector conference to be held on October 29 and 30 at the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation.