Standardization System in Russia Reaches a New Level

3 july 2015

Evgeny Gasho, an expert of the Analytical Center, gave a presentation at the international conference Standards. Education. Personnel to mark the 90th anniversary of standardization in Russia.

On June 29, the President of the Russian Federation signed a new Law on Standardization in the Russian Federation, which opens a new chapter in the development of the system of standardization and technical regulation and also takes into account the new circumstances in the Eurasian and Customs unions.

In his presentation to conference participants, Mr. Gasho focused on using the best available technologies in industry and in the housing and utilities sector. “We must understand that guidelines for the best available technologies are not a panacea, but rather a method of regulation, a “hint” of the choice of the correct path for modernization,” he noted. “When five years ago we adapted a similar reference guide from the European Union, we were surprised to find that two thirds of it was concerned not with technical methods and technologies, but issues of management, information, incentives and so on. It is this system of incentives that we must work on in partnership with leading Russian experts and enterprises.”