Concerted Efforts Needed to Improve Energy Efficiency

1 july 2015

“Energy saving is gradually dispelling all sorts of myths surrounding the great inefficiency of our economy, “leaking buildings”, and the incredible potential of energy saving, and is becoming a perhaps complicated, but nevertheless understandable segment,” said Evgeny Gasho, an expert of the Analytical Center, in his speech at the 3rd Annual RBC Conference Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving 2015.

“The problem of improving energy efficiency is systemic and interdisciplinary,” said Mr. Gasho. “It requires concerted efforts, firstly of energy suppliers and consumers, and secondly of representatives of various branches of the government. The rules of play need to be clear and this, of course, is a task for the government.”

In Mr. Gasho’s opinion, there are niches in the industry for different businesses and plenty of opportunities for establishing an energy efficiency industry – through the support of manufacturers of efficient goods, equipment, and new services. “For the largest and coldest country in the world this is more than a topical issue, and it will have a multidimensional multiplier effect in the economy and on the territorial development of the country,” stressed Mr. Gasho.

During the 1st session Energy Efficiency and Improving Energy Efficiency: New Challenges, Main Trends, which was moderated by Mr. Gasho, participants also discussed possible methods of improving energy efficiency and promoting the reduction of energy consumption in the current climate and analyzed the problems of introducing energy-saving technologies in the production industry and in the housing and utility sector. The session also addressed key innovations, the main issues of energy saving in the fuel and energy sector, schemes of raising extra-budgetary funds for energy-saving projects, opportunities for increasing energy efficiency by introducing import substitution and localized production projects, and also prospects for cooperation between business and the government in this sector.