Analytical Center Continues to Provide Information Support to Regions as They Introduce Competition Development Standard

26 june 2015

At the 8th Economic Forum in Cheboksary Analytical Center expert Tatiana Radchenko held the round table named “Regional Development of Competition. Experience of Introducing a Competition Development Standard in Russian provinces.”

During the round table possible mechanisms were discussed that could be employed to encourage municipalities to participate in promoting competition in their regions. Other issues discussed included methodologies for monitoring the state of and efforts to promote competition in regional markets, as well as ways to create and implement public supervision over natural monopolies.

Tatiana Radchenko talked about key principles for developing regional roadmaps for promoting competition as well as the parameters that are going to be used in the future to assess the respective performance of governors.

The hosts of the event, experts from the Republic of Chuvashia, and guests and representatives of the Perm Krai, Republic of Tatarstan and Ulyanovsk Oblast talked about their relevant experiences.

It should be reminded that since 2014 the Analytical Center has been providing information support to regions working on the introduction of the competition development standard in Russian regions. The Analytical Center hosted the following events:

Seminar Introducing a Competition Development Standard in Russian Regions

Round Table Competition Development Standard in the Regions: Sharing Experience and Best Practices