Control and supervision functions must not be handed over to self-regulated organizations

26 june 2015

Analytical Center expert Marina Labozina took part in a discussion during the Preventing and Forestalling Violations of Mandatory Requirements session at a seminar titled Expert Modelling of a Ministerial Plan for the Introduction of a Risk-Oriented Approach to Control and Supervision.

Ms. Labozina believes that preventing violations is the key forestalling mechanism employed in international practice and by executive authorities in Russia.

The expert contended that control and supervision functions cannot be performed by self-regulating organizations. “In order to reduce the amount of control and supervision that law abiding businesses get subjected to, we could speak of voluntary notices of compliance with laws and relevant standards to be sent by the businesses. As a mechanism to implement public control and supervision, we could consider introducing a system of audits by self-regulated organizations, that the businesses are members of, to verify their conformance to all regulations and requirements,” Ms. Labozina believes.

Another topic of discussion was the goals and measures included in draft ministerial plans for pilot federal executive authorities charged with introducing the risk-oriented approach.