Hackathon: just a few hours to go

25 june 2015

June 26 and 27the Analytical Center will be hosting Hackathon, a contest for representatives of technology and creative communities in which small dedicated teams specializing in various areas of data analysis and software development (programmers, designers, analysts, managers, journalists) will together analyze open data to find creative ways to solve various problems.

The contest was initiated by the Russian Ministry of Economic Development. The #OpenDataHackathon has been organized by the Analytical Center for the Russian Government and 'Gosbook' CJSC with the support of the Autonomous Non-Profit Organization ‘Information Society.’

The jury, speakers and mentors will inclue representatives of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media, Moscow Government, Open Government, Teleform IS, Fund for the Development of Internet Initiatives, World Bank, Open City Fund, Labor Ministry, Healthcare Ministry and Federal Taxation Service.

The information sponsors of the hackathon are Dr.Web and MLCLASS.

The key nominations of the contest are:

·         Best application or service based on open data

·         Best visualization of open data

·         Best application or service based on Moscow open data.  

To participate in the hackathon you need to meet several simple conditions: you’ve got to want to take part, you’ve got to have the requisite skills and your own computer and you’ve got to develop an open data-based product in just two days.

Anyone can win a nomination! Looking forward to seeing you all at our hackathon!

Register via timepad

Hackathon Regulation

If you have any questions on how to register get in touch with Dmitry Sorokin at: +7 (495) 632-97-35