Russia should explore multiple Open Data development options

18 june 2015

“The policy of transparency in the Government is being implemented in Russia in close cooperation with IT companies, educators, other experts and stakeholders,” said the Analytical Center's expert Dmitry Sorokin, speaking at a conference held during Open Data Days in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

In his report titled The Russian Federation: Open Data Development, Mr. Sorokin talks about how publication of Open Data in Russia is being done pursuant to the approved methodological guidelines that allow data to be published at a fairly good level, at least three stars under the international classification, which means the data are published in a machine readable format.

“And yet we need to take our publications to a higher level, four stars, where data can be published using URLs in XML or HTML,” the expert believes. The five-star level will be the next short-term target. Five starts is the highest ranling for a data set which means interlinked data.

“We believe that Open Data have to be developed in three directions in Russia: we need functional and technological development, conceptual and ideological development, and structural and methodological development. The structural and methodological development is responsible for development of a research methodology and structural models for open data. At the conceptually ideological level we need to clearly define our medium and long term development strategies for the Federal Open Data publishing tool and its integration with the society’s informational structure. Expanding the functionality and improving the usability of Open Data by the federal integrator is no less important,’ the expert concluded.