Hackathon Awaits Mobile App Developers

18 june 2015

On June 26-27 the Analytical Center will be holding the the Hackathon, a contest for app and web developers as well as developers of services that utilise open data.

The result of the Hackathon is going to be a new software product, conceived of, coded, debugged, tested and released entirely at the venue of the event.

Participants of the two-day brainstorm will include representatives of IT communities, universities, programmers as well as analysts, designers interested in software developers.

The Hackathon will comprise 4 stages: first experts and organisers will give talks, then ideas will be shared and discussed and apps will be developed, then the coders will talk to mentors and finally winners will be selected in two nominations: the best app or service and the best data visualisation idea.

"The main prerequisites for participation are that the app or service you develop must utilise open state data from the open data portal of the Russian Federation, the entire app or service must be developed at the Hackathon, i.e. it cannot be a development of an already existing product," the Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Vasily Pushkin explained. He also invited everyone interested in participating in the Hackathon to join a webinar that will be taking place on Friday, June 19, from 5 pm until 6 pm.

"At the webinar we are going to talk about the project in detail and we will also be answering questions from potential participants. Anyone interested is welcome to participate in the Hackathon!" Mr. Pushkin said.

The event was initiated by the Ministry for Economic Development of Russia. The hackathon will be supported by the Analytical Center for the RF Government, the Open Government, 'GosBook' CJSC, the Fund for the development of Internet initiatives and a number of other organisations.