Plans for upgrade of the Russian Innovative Development Strategy

8 june 2015

Year 2014 marked the completion of the first stage of the Innovative Development Strategy implementation, and even though Russia has reinforced its position in the international technology rankings, not all of the KPIs set have been attained,” said Mikhail Gachegov, the expert with the Analytical Center, speaking at the 3d International Forum of Technological Development TECHNOPROM 2015.

While moderating the Plenary Session “Innovative Development Strategy: priorities and new challenges,” Mikhail Gachegov delivered the presentation by the Analytical Center “On Interaction between the Elements of the Innovation Infrastructure,” noting that the Strategy has been implemented since 2012. Over this period the costs associated with industrial technological innovations, research and development have grown both across the country in general and in the business sector.

However the accomplishment of the first stage of the Strategy implementation has not secured the attainment of all the KPIs set. “The macroeconomic situation has changed, compelling the Council on Modernization to resolve on updating the existing Strategy.” The expert has also offered his appraisal of the accomplished stage, covering key obstacles, presenting his view and suggestions regarding the Strategy update.

He then took part in the Round Table Discussion “Development Institutes: Vector of Changes,” which was also part of the Conference agenda.