We should overcome a number of barriers for the development of teacher education

2 june 2015

Experts of the Analytical Center have identified barriers to the development of Russian teacher education, and have analyzed their relationship with innovations of the reform.

Experts have identified a number of constraints of the development of national teacher education. One of the main, basic problems is the number of teachers and the need for teacher training. In recent years, there has been growth in the number of teachers of retirement age and reduction of the share of "young professionals" up to 30 years old, while the Russian educational system needs "new" teachers who are able to work in a changing environment.

Many teachers work for 1,5-2 wages, which reduces the number of vacancies for young teachers and slows down the process of the teachers' flow. Experts recognize that the social prestige of the teaching profession is still low, there is no understanding of the career's prospects, the attractiveness of the teaching profession is low for school leavers. While opportunities for teachers in the labor market are large, experts note low percentage of graduates' employment in the profession.

The education reform requires not only institutional, but also informative and technological transformations of the system: new models, approaches and teacher training modules are being developed and tested. Changes are aimed at providing teacher training in accordance with the professional standard of the teacher and the federal state educational standards of general education.

Details in the article of experts of the Analytical Center Tatiana Yuzhakova and Inna Karakchieva in "Bulletin of Science and Education".