Experts discuss what innovative education should be like

28 may 2015

The round table "Update of the RF Innovative Development Strategy up to 2020" took place at the Analytical Center.

The Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Mikhail Pryadilnikov reminded that nowadays the Analytical Center form proposals on the completion of the RF Innovative Development Strategy up to 2020. "Several round tables devoted to different aspects took place. Today we will discuss questions concerning education system," said the expert.

The Head of the Center of the analysis of scientific researches and innovations of the State-financed scientific institution "Moscow Institute of Education Development" Olga Feofanova considers it necessary to compare the proposals' designing in the Strategy with the current law "On Strategic planning in the Russian Federation". "The Article 7 of this law proclaims principles of strategic planning therefore it is important that they were considered in the document. These proposlas are connected with the introduction of additional items and indicators for the assessment of efficiency of the Strategy  realization," said Ms. Feofanova. The indicator connected with a share of students studying programs of the additional professional education (APE), relevant to requirements of professional standards, for example, concerns them. "It is necessary to carry out monitoring of efficiency of existing APE programs as now the concept of continuous education of adults is developed," considers the expert. One more proposal of the expert is connected to the regulation of activities of federal innovative platforms - namely inclusions of indicators of their efficiency in the Strategy. "This indicator can be connected with implementation of innovative projects in a network form," said Ms. Feofanova. "Classic mechanisms of support of innovations are connected with the budgetary and credit relations and the allocation of subsidies, and such mechanism as the network partnership could become a good regulator of the institutional relations of educational organizations".

The Director of the Center of scientific and technical creativity of youth of Moscow Alexander Leontovich suggested bringing in some points in updating of the plan of measures on the Strategy realization. "It is necessary to improve funding mechanisms for additional all-developing programs in the field of science and equipment, including due to the mixed financing, that is at the expense of budget funds and parents," said the expert. "The development of the national system of scientific and practical conferences and competitions of research and project works of school students is also necessary".

The Chairman of the Board of the "Innovative Development and Cooperation in Education" Association Marina Polovkova believes that conditions for the true, mass innovation aren't created yet. "Lack of necessary and sufficient innovative infrastructure leads to the falsification of the declared direction in education development. The sufficient infrastructure in Russia isn't present so far therefore its development is necessary for updating the Strategy," the expert summarized.

During the round table the subject of development of experimental and integrated education was also discussed. "There are different concepts of the innovative education essence and that has to be included in the Strategy," said the leading researcher of the scientific and educational laboratory of the analysis and modeling of institutional dynamics of the National Research University - Higher School of Economics Sergey Zair-Beck. The document was created in 2011 when there was other understanding of the economy and the social sphere development therefore the main task today is to develop a single "conceptual field", considers the expert.