Expert: The Turkish stream has very good prospects

15 may 2015

Alexander Kurdin, the Head of the Department for Strategic Studies in Energy of the Analytical Center, took part in the roundtable on "The Turkish gas stream: what's next?", Which was held in the press center of the "Parlamentskaya Gazeta".

The construction of the pipeline The Turkish Stream is being delayed due to protracted negotiations between the Russian "Gazprom" and the Turkish state-owned company. In April, Russian gas supplies to Turkey have collapsed by 38%. Will there be a gas flow through Turkey? What are the problems of the project? How will relations with Greece emerge in this regard? These and other questions were answered by experts during the event.

Mr. Kurdin talked in detail about an element of political pressure on this issue by the EU. "Of course, a situation in which the European Union remains now, namely a fairly high dependence on Russia in the conditions of political tension, does not fit the European Commission," said the expert. According to him, efforts to diversify are being taken for a long time, despite the hints of representatives of the European gas industry about their activities to politics. "They are not too happy with the aggressive policy pursued by the European Commission. The policy of diversification is not only connected with the attempt to give up on Russian gas, and with attempt to develop renewable energy and achieve energy efficiency. What is really expensive is often dictated by political rather than economic interests," said Mr. Kurdin.

The expert admits that European bureaucracy can only seem inefficient, it has the ability to push its decisions. "The environmental objectives of the European Union were criticized much, as well as the Third Energy Package, but nevertheless the European officials managed to pressure on companies so that they adopted policies of Brussels. Therefore, the political factor is really strong here, and the dependence on a single supplier is not good," said the expert. According to him, the policy of diversification will be vigorously pursued in the future.

Speaking about the prospects of The Turkish stream, Mr. Kurdin said: Western experts say, that the Turkish Stream is even more promising than the South, which is associated with the rapid growth and the promising Turkish market. "The EU has objective economic difficulties, and we can hardly hope that there will be a strong demand. And Turkey is the market that will grow. If Russia has an opportunity now to seize it, it will be then possible to increase supply," said the expert. The Turkish Stream has very good prospects, considers Mr. Kurdin.