Experts discussed prospects for development of global and domestic information technology markets

27 april 2015

The round table "Innovative development of IT sector" took place at the Analytical Center. Experts analyzed current trends in the development of information technology in various sectors of the economy - industry, fuel and energy sector, healthcare.

Vasily Pushkin, the Deputy Head of the Analytical Center, noted that the roundtable is held within the preparation for the presidium meeting of the Presidential Council of the Russian Federation on the economy’s modernization and innovative development of Russia, headed by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev.

One of the included reports was devoted to assessing prospects for the development of global and domestic information technology markets. "The global industry is in transition", said Robert Farish, the vice president and regional director at IDC for Russia and CIS. "In 2015, spending on computer hardware will grow by 14% and exceed 1.7 trillion dollars, and 30 billion devices will be connected by 2020." According to him, the cost of computer equipment will be many times higher in the future than the current level of the entire market of information technologies, and that will be a big problem, especially for large companies. The most important challenge for the Russian IT industry this year will be the sources of investment, considers the expert. The Government of Russia has no clear understanding of the positive role, that American and European companies could play in the development of the Russian IT sector, according to Mr. Farish.

Michail Tregubenko, the representative of Ernst & Young, talked about scenarios of innovative development and globalization of the Russian IT industry. According to him, the approach to scenario development consists of 3 stages. The first includes the analysis of factors, that determine the scenario, the second identifies key trends and uncertainties, and the last is devoted to the building of scenarios. "It is interesting to note that the expert community identified 2 factors with the greatest level of uncertainty and importance: these are effectiveness of influence of measures of state support and regulation of the IT industry and the degree of integration of the Russian IT sector in the world economy", said Mr. Tregubenko. "On the basis of these factors, we have formed three possible scenarios for the development of the IT sector: Open market, Special Way and The Lost Decade." Results of the survey showed that the majority of experts who participated in the study, consider the market and institutional factors as key barriers to innovative development of the IT sector, added the expert.

During the discussion, that followed presentations, experts considered the development of promising mechanisms of software and hardware export support, stimulating the development and implementation of Russian information technologies, by preferences at the state order and state-owned companies’ ordering. They also analyzed strengths and weaknesses of the Russian regulatory and legal framework of the IT industry development and challenges of the personnel training and "human capital" development in the industry.

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