Experts of the Analytical Center on achievements of Russian education and implementation of the "effective contract" mechanism

22 april 2015

Inna Karakchieva and Tatiana Yuzhakova, experts of the Analytical Center published two scientific articles which analyze achievements of Russian education in 2014 and reviewed external challenges of implementation of the "effective contract" mechanism in the system of preschool education in Russia.

The first article, "Achievements of Russian education in focus 2014" was published in the scientific journal «EUROPEAN SCIENCE». Experts tried to determine changes in the level and quality of education as a tool to enhance the competitive position of Russia. Experts believe that the analysis of key achievements in the field of Education of the Russian Federation in 2014 confirms the creation of favorable conditions for innovative development of the education system at the national level. The paper draws a parallel to main indicators of evaluation of state education policy of the Russian Federation and abroad.

The second article, "External challenges and preconditions of implementation of the mechanism "efficient contract" in preschool education in Russia" was published in the electronic research journal "Bulletin of Science and Education." The article presents features of the system of preschool education in Russia, which determine the possibility of introducing a mechanism of "effective contract". Experts analyze not only the general level of wages of pre-school teachers, but also the structure of the staff of this level of education. Experts also give a comparative analysis of salaries of preschool education system teachers of Western European countries.