Russia needs clear priorities in the energy sector

15 april 2015

"Russia should be pragmatic and defend its interests, namely the development and modernization of the economy", said Leonid Grigoriev, the Chief Adviser to the Head of the Analytical Center, speaking at a meeting of the Valdai Club.

In his speech, Leonid Grigoriev made a presentation on the state of the global economy and energy and gave a number of comments. "Russian revenues have changed and severe restrictions on finance have appeared because of declining oil prices", he said. "However, the International Energy Agency predicts 6% of global energy investments until 2035".

According to the expert, Russia should have a clear concept and scope of work in energy markets, as it produces 10% of all energy in the world. In order to prepare an energy strategy, we need clear priorities. "Humanity is in a dangerous stage of development, said Mr. Grigoriev. We have so many common problems, such as climate change, poverty reduction, energy supply for further development, but litigations about gas pipes take place instead, that is inadequate by the importance for humanity."

The Conference of the International Discussion Club "Valdai" took place in 2015 for the first time beyond the Russian territory, in Berlin, that indicates its uniqueness. Leonid Grigoriev said that it was "an outstanding event, non-confrontational and aimed at finding solutions to restore dialogue with the European Union on a rational, pragmatic basis."