Need to update the Innovative Development Strategy of Russia

14 april 2015

"The main problem of the market is the lack of a systematic approach to innovation and, in particular, to intellectual property", said Vasily Pushkin, the Deputy Head of the Analytical Center, speaking at the VII International Forum "Innovation development through the intellectual property market."

In his report "Actual problems of intellectual property market" Mr. Pushkin said that Russia rapidly loses ground in this area. Year after year, there is a steady growth in the world in applications for registration of intellectual property in general, and the proportion of applications filed by non-residents, reduces, which confirms the orientation of the countries on their own development. Asia (and especially China, which provides a third of applications for patents and trademarks worldwide) dominates with a serious separation from other macro-regions. Its share of industrial designs is 70%, and of utility models - 90%.

Against this background, Russia looks quite pale. For example, we have the 7th place in the number of patent applications and it is only 2% of all patent applications in the world. We have a growing number of applications from non-residents, that reflects the growing confidence of foreign organizations to the system of protection of intellectual property rights in Russia, but also demonstrates the active penetration of foreign technology and the potential complexity of the organization of work on import substitution.

Over the past five years, none of the Russian companies have entered the top 20 in the R&D expenditures. We have serious problems with the commercialization of our development, and year after year we concentrate on their direct financing, giving little tax benefits, which affects the market development. We have no demand for specialists in the field of intellectual property, because there is no market. 25 persons per vacancy seems to be a good indicator, but 145 jobs in the country doesn't look like a serious need. Dissociation of information between different structures, authorities, databases are serious challenges, facing the federal government and require serious systemic approach. In the meantime, we see that a key document on innovative development (the Strategy of innovative development of the Russian Federation until 2020) is not met by 30% of the indicators, said the expert in his report.

"The Analytical Center organizes the preparation of proposals for further improving the Strategy of innovative development, writes Mr. Pushkin. Its actualization and designation of the role of the Strategy in the 172-FL "On the strategic planning in the Russian Federation" must become a significant step towards addressing systemic problems.

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