The Analytical Center, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the Open government hold seminars on "open data"

27 march 2015

The Analytical Center in conjunction with the Ministry of Economic Development and the Open Government held the first event of a series of training seminars on "open data". Participants discussed general requirements for placement and publication of information, as well as main trends of the development of open data in the world.

Opening the event, Vasily Pushkin, the Deputy Head of the Analytical Center, said: "We have initiated three seminars, and each of them will be dedicated to a particular topic. The seminar "Open data concept, publication and use: Russian and international practices" opens a series.  The second event will be dedicated to legal acts, and the third will contain information about publishing of data and will be of a particular interest for IT-specialists."

"Open data is one of ways to shift up the culture of dealing with the state information from paper documents and the system of the planned economy to a culture, employing the market-based instruments," said Pavel Konotopov, the expert of the Open Government. According to him, this will help to launch mechanisms of self-regulation in the economy.

Mr. Konotopov noted that public data, for example, can help businesses to reduce the uncertainty in the creation of the business. "There is a layer of entrepreneurs who, when using information resources of the state and reworking them in a creative way, see ways to promote these resources and extract income from them. That is, when we say that the business is built on open data, we must bear in mind the business, that has reworked the data creatively and created the added value, integrating them with other resources", said the expert

Michael Gachegov, an expert of the Analytical Cente, recalled principles of open data: machine-readable data, free access and free use. "This information can be used in various fields: construction, medicine, commerce. The open data may contain information on organizations, transport timetables or cultural events. And a lot of applications are created on the basis of such information", he explained. As regards the purpose of open data, the expert has identified three key points: to facilitate access to information, to increase confidence to the state and to promote economic development. "In general, the more information available - the easier life is", concluded MR. Gachegov.

Next steps for the development of open data in Russia include the competition among developers to promote open data, scheduled for autumn, and an e-workshop to enhance the competence of public officials and analysts. It is also planned to create a knowledge base for the generalization of the experience gained during the implementation of the project as well as standardization.

The second and the third seminars of the session will be held at the Analytical Center on April 2 and 9.