It is necessary to consume more energy for industrial growth

23 march 2015

An article by the expert of the Analytical Center Evgeny Gasho "Improving energy efficiency and regional development: industrial aspect" was published in journal "Regional energy and energy efficiency"

"The intelligent energy policy should take into account significant regional differences, a variety of factors that determine the structure of the power-weight ratio and the structure of energy balance of regions", writes Mr. Gasho.

The expert is confident that the analysis of such a complex issue can not be based only on a purely economic evaluation, it requires a set of criteria and parameters of a total energy production, public utilities, the fuel and energy complex, and other sectors of the economy.

"And yet we have to consume significantly more energy for the serious industrial growth and new modernization, or we will not be able to provide the growing industry and new cities, the development of new resources and Eastern vector of the country", said the expert.