Experts discuss ways to improve the rating of the competitive situation in regions

17 march 2015

The Analytical Center in cooperation with the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) held a roundtable on "The intensity of competition and competitive environment in Russia: the adjustment of methodology for rating of regions" During the event, the experts discussed the results of rating of the regions in 2014, and reviewed proposals for adjustment of the rating methodology.

Opening the event, Vladimir Schipunov, the Deputy Head of the Analytical Department of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia, recalled that in 2012 the President of the Russian Federation upon his order dated 27.04.2012 No. Pr-1092 assigned the FAS and the Ministry of Economic Development to design the rating of regions of Russian Federation by the intensity of competition and competitive environment. For the first time, the document was submitted as a part of the regional section of the Report of the FAS of Russia on competition in the Russian Federation in 2014. "In developing a methodology of rating of regions, we proceeded from the fact that the method of calculation should be clear and convincing, and the raw data should be available, relevant, reliable", saidMr. Shipunov. "Information should be received regularly from federal executive authorities or regional public authorities and local self-government." Unfortunately, the development of methods of ranking was delayed because there are no similar analogues in Russian Federation, said the specialist. "We did not know where to start work, because, up to this point, we had had the experience of assessing the competitive situation only at the national level on the basis of circumstantial evidence, that is, state statistics. As a result, we opted for the formation of the composite ratings", said the expert. According to him, this year an index will be added, which takes into account the proportion of government involvement in economic activities, and from 2016 it will be necessary to take into account results of the implementation of regional Standards of competition development.

Mr. Shipunov also outlined the factors that make the uncertainty in the construction of rankings, including the lack of common and available indicators characterizing the intensity of competition and the competitive environment, the difficulty of combining the industry and market approaches, the ambiguity in the evaluation of the numerical values ​​of parameters determining the competitive situation across the administrative borders of the Russian Federation.

Irina Bondarenko, the lecturer of the Siberian Institute of Management - the branch of the RANEPA, outlined achievements that are in rankings for 2014. "Firstly, it is the most comprehensive study of the competitive situation in regions, covering all regions of the country", said the expert. "Secondly, a mechanism of multivariate rating was used, that takes into account various parameters." Thirdly, the paper presents rating places of the regions by composite ratings, that allows to identify "problem areas" of competition in the region, said Mr. Bondarenko, adding that this section needs to be improved.

"We have already met last year, when the FAS presented the first method, as results of which a rating of regions was formed in 2014", said Tatyana Radchenko, the Head of the Department for Competition Policy of the Analytical Center. "As a result, the methodology of rating of regions was completed and presented at the site of the Analytical Center." The expert noted that many contradictory proposals were expressed during the discussion, they need to be processed and sent to the FAS.