Innovative development strategy should provide sustainable development of the country and competitiveness in the future

10 march 2015

The roundtable "Goal-setting of the innovative development strategy: challenges and solutions" took place at the Analytical Center.

In the framework of objectives set out in the report №7 of the Council under the President of the Russian Federation on economic modernization and innovative development of Russia dated December 19, 2014, the Analytical Center generates suggestions for updating the strategy of innovative development of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2020.

During the event experts discussed whether to review the purpose and structure of the strategy in connection with the problem of its actualization. According to experts, the strategy, being one of key documents, regulates the innovative development of the country, determining priorities and instruments of the general development. But, in their opinion, it needs a significant correction. "First of all, the innovative development is not an end in itself. It is always an instrument of national development”, said Yevgeny Kuznetsov, the Deputy Director General of the Russian Venture Company. “Innovative development in modern states is always a way to significantly accelerate the development, transform it and make the state more competitive."

The economic development of the world is accelerating rapidly now, regions and countries forge ahead, and the ratio of industries globally is changing, considers the expert. "In this sense, innovative development is always the strategy and the question of how the state will ensure its competitiveness. We need to move away from the understanding of innovation as the promotion of scientific and technological development or support of technology companies, to understanding that innovation strategy is a change in the structure of economic sectors, the choice of priorities and those areas of development that can provide the country with sustainable development and competitiveness in future", said Mr. Kuznetsov. Therefore, the strategy should be more ambitious and should include key priorities of technological and economic development, according to the expert. There are a lot of tools to support the development in Russia, but, unfortunately, they are not well-targeted, considers Mr. Kuznetsov. "We all need the unity of priorities in order to marshall resources for really perspective objectives. And the innovation strategy should provide answers for these questions", concluded the expert.

Anastasia Alekhnovich, the Head of the Analytical Center of the Russian public organization "Business Russia", the Head of the Expert Centre under the Ombudsman under the President of the Russian Federation for protection of the rights of entrepreneurs, talked about the situation with the business. "The results show that the strategy is not subject to systems analysis now, and opinions differed on targets and objectives. Business can not draw up a comprehensive opinion, because we have not yet seen the result of this strategy", said the expert. According to her, those who truly innovate in the manufacturing sector do not feel the impact of this document. "It does not affect the monetary policy, and the financing of projects, as well as modernization of production, introduction of innovative products, entering the domestic and foreign markets, system of licensing and certification of products. Unfortunately, the system we have is obsolete, but this issue is not even raised in the strategy", Ms.Alekhnovich said. The production of innovative products becomes unprofitable, the expert noted. In her opinion, it is needed to make major efforts so that a format of the desired strategy would be clear.

Representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, the Russian Finance Ministry, and the Ministry of Education of Russia expressed their views and suggestions in debate. All experts agreed that the Innovative development strategy is necessary at the moment, but it is not effective in the form in which it is presented today.

Summarizing the event, Vasily Pushkin, the Deputy Head of the Analytical Center said that the Analytical Center plans to organize a series of roundtables on the development of the strategy. "The first event was held today. This roundtable was dedicated to the goal setting, the search of directions of development of the document. Subsequent discussions will specify the purpose of a higher level, the system of goals and priorities of the strategy itself”, he said. “In addition, we plan to organize roundtables for each section of the strategy to ensure that the resulting document would allow the Government to make decisions and to use the strategy as a management tool. A it is important for the system of business, science and education to use the strategy as a guide for moving forward."

The roundtable was attended by representatives of federal executive bodies, development institutions, business associations and other stakeholders.