Winners of the project competition "Budget for citizens"

5 march 2015

Winners of the second public competition of the Russian budget for citizens projects' presentation were decided. The competition was held by the Analytical Center in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance and the Government Commission on coordination of the Open Government.

It is the second year the Analytical Center holds the competition "Budget for citizens".  This year among the winners are five individuals and five entities. The team of the Irkutsk region was recognised a winner among individuals in the nomination "Budget for certain groups of citizens", contestants from Karelia won in the category "Focus look at the budget". The contestant of the Murmansk region, presented a prototype of mobile application "Budget for All" also become a winner, as well as the staff of the St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University in the category "Comparative characteristics of regional budgets", and a participant from the Krasnoyarsk region in the nomination "Assessment of the effectiveness in the implementation of community initiatives".

In similar nominations among entities winners were the city administration of Kumertau city (Bashkortostan), the Internet Development Fund "Open and future Web", LLC "NPO Krista", the Center of budget monitoring (Petrozavodsk), the magazine "Gosmenedzhment" and the Center for Applied Economics.

The competition was held in two stages this year  - participants could apply either immediately at the federal level (first round), or to the regional competition (second round). Winning projects of regional competitions were sent to the federal level. The evaluation was conducted among the projects, pre-selected in the first and the second rounds. There were 72 applications at the first round: 54 from individuals and 18 from legal entities. In the second round there were 72 applications: 17 from individuals and 55 from the authorities. The largest number of projects among 15 participating constituent territories came from Novosibirsk (7), Irkutsk (6) regions and Karelia (6).

There were 95 applications at the first competition for the best ideas and solutions on presentation "Budget for citizens", held in 2013. Projects of winners were included into the library of the projects, and one of them, "Budget calculator for citizens", developed by the Center for Fiscal Policy with the support of the Open Government, received a grant from the President of the Russian Federation and has been implemented in four regions.