Russia joining OECD’s arrangements on export credit is a significant step

2 march 2015

“When Russia joined WTO it removed the ultimate obstacle on the way towards OECD”, said the expert of the Analytical Center Inna Dudykina speaking at the workshop on mutual relations with OECD for the Economic Integration Sub-Committee for the Economic Development and Integration Government Commission.

The expert considers the Russian Federation joining OECD’s arrangements on export credit to be long-range and affirms the significance of the step in terms of Russia’s membership in WTO.

After Russia joined WTO, the next step is the membership in OECD to form international rules and standards on a fully legitimate base. “WTO standards allow a provision of the state support to national export, if such support is exercised under arrangements on export credit. Russia’s participation in arrangements on export credit will minimize the risk of commercial disputes triggered in WTO in terms of the export subsidy”, said Mr. Dudykina.