Modernization of institute of Condominium Partnership in general is necessary

26 february 2015

"Discussing harmonization of legislation on property owners' associations and homeowners' associations we need to talk about the modernization of the Institute of Condominium Partnership as a whole", said Konstantin Shishka, the Adviser to the Directorate for Housing and Communal Services of the Analytical Center speaking at a roundtable on the harmonization of legislation on regulation the status of property owners' associations and homeowners' associations, organized by the Commission of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation on the development of social infrastructure, local government and housing in conjunction with the federal project "A School for a literate consumer."

"It is important to analyze the diversity of established homeowners' associations, including single houses and lots of houses, which are on the self-service and entered into a contract with the managing organization. It is necessary to take into account different "fake" partnerships created in regions to meet requirements for obtaining grants from the Housing Fund. Today, many partnerships manage their buildings effectively, but are constantly faced with difficulties caused by the imperfection of the legislation, for example, by such a clause as an optional membership in the homeowners' associations. This circumstance results in the separation of owners into members and non-members of the association", said Mr. Shishka.

The expert also noted that homeowners' associations "dropped" from the coverage of the law on licensing, relating to the checking the competence of the homeowners associations' President on the management of apartment buildings. "A method of controlling the homeowners' association was selected for 15-20% of all apartment buildings. It is important to take into account the qualification and professional skills of the person who will organize and conduct work related to the owners’ security. In my opinion it is advisable in the homeowners' association to divide functions of a customer and a performer, and to involve mandatory specialized organizations for works related to security".