Ways to minimize costs on overhaul for owners of residential property

18 february 2015

"When choosing a bank to open a special account it is necessary to consider not only its profitability and reliability, but also conditions of the contract of the bank account, which may change the interest rate or create additional organizational costs for the owners at any time", said Konstantin Shishka, the expert of the Analytical Center speaking at a meeting of the Association of Russian Banks named "Special Account for the formation of the fund for the overhaul of apartment building".

On December 29, 2014 the Moscow City Government published a regional program of the overhaul of the common property in apartment buildings for the period of 2015-2044 years. In accordance with the Housing Code, the publication of a regional program requires owners of premises in apartment buildings choose the method of forming the overhaul fund, including a special account at the bank.

Following the meeting, it was decided to form a pivot table with banks' proposals and place it on the information portal of the Department of the overhaul of the city of Moscow, as well as to conduct a number of district events for the owners. Experts also discussed the effective management of special accounts depending on the owner of the special account, chosen by all owners.

Konstantin Shishka told about the regions' practice in relations between a regional overhaul operator and owners, who chose him as the owner of the special account. "The objective of the regional operator is not only the opening of a special account, but also settlements, management and closure. In a number of territories of the Russian Federation relevant procedures of regional operators and owners' interaction are established. On the one hand, such legal act is not mandatory, but on the other hand, it is useful and will streamline relations, increase profitability and minimize costs both for owners and the regional overhaul funds", said the expert.