Expert: Industrial development is in high demand now, especially in regions

13 february 2015

Crisis and sanctions require a concerted action from the government and industry in the field of industrialization and make it necessary to think about new approaches in the current environment. During the round table "Russia's industrial policy in the new economy: Challenges and Tools", which took place on February 11 at the press center of the agency "Rossiya Segodnya" experts continued their discussion of issues included into the agenda of the conference "Industrial policy: sustainability, import substitution, the development of new reserves" on February 3-4 at the Analytical Center.

Participants have analyzed shortcomings of the current system of support the modernization of industry and have reviewed the necessary tools of different nature, from direct support to training professionals for industrial enterprises of the new generation.

Speaking about results of the conference, Evgeny Gasho, an expert of the Analytical Center said: "We have a large number of people, which came, more than 200 people. And it was not a one-off event, but a continuation of the systematic work of the Analytical Center, which is conducted for the past 2-3 years". He added that the informational review "Elements and contours of the industrial policy" was specially prepared for the conference, which included the experts' developments. "We accumulate the opinions and integrate them for the management in practice", said Mr. Gasho. "Now we face three objectives: to catalog the successes and achievements, make a map of the country's needs, that is what is critical now, and then look what the enterprises are currently engaged in, to understand which of the state needs they could satisfy". The third necessity is to collect proposals for the road map, according to the expert. This action program is now in great demand, especially in regions, considers Mr. Gasho.

During the event, key issues of the industry have been identified. Summarizing the discussion, Mr. Gasho spoke on 3 macro-projects which are important for the development of the country. "The first one is a line of resource processing for all components, the second one is the development of cities, the normal utilities, urban infrastructure, and the third one is the power supply to remote and inaccessible areas", the expert said. But at the moment there is a lack of established communication for their development. "There are also difficulties in the rules of the game. And the financial component plays here the special role", considers the expert. Also, there is a problem with the professionals. The new economy is not only computers, but also a normal education, simple coordination mechanisms of the regions, deems Mr. Gasho.

The event was also attended by Tatiana Guseva, Professor of D.I. Mendeleev Chemical Technology University, Vadim Bannikov, the coordinator of the working group on import substitution under the chairman of the Energy Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, and Maria Stepanova, Ph.D in Economics.

Watch the video of the round table here.