Experts on elements and contours of industrial policy

4 february 2015

For the conference "Industrial policy of the regions: stability, import substitution, new reserves of development" which takes place on February 3-4 at the Analytical Center, an information review "Elements and contours of industrial policy" was prepared. The review contains instruments essential for the industrial policy in today's challenging environment.

The recently adopted Federal Law "On Industrial Policy of the Russian Federation" introduced a number of new principles and mechanisms. At the same time given the complicated economic and political situation urgent and effective measures are needed to ensure the competitiveness and even the technological breakthrough of the domestic industry. The question of implementation of proposed measures by the state is the most acute in this situation.

At a time when decisions are of crucial importance, the guarantee of their validity is a clear understanding of the situation and adequate analysis of the original data. The review offers a new step in the data assessment methodology (the article "Fundamental performance indicators for the management of economic development in the new conditions").

Focus on the new industrialization and investors' attraction into the real sector is embodied in the trends of development of industrial parks in the regions of Russia. The author of the article "Prospects for the development of industrial parks in the paradigm of energy efficiency" justifies the need to ensure principles of energy efficiency at all stages of the life cycle of an industrial park as the basis for a new power and industry system.

Finally, the article "The priorities of industrial policy from the standpoint of energy efficiency and conservation" offers a systematic classification of necessary measures for industrial policy introduction, based on the current situation and enterprises' expectations.