Technologies of the XXI century - a clear project and a rapid pace of decision-making

4 february 2015

Within the conference on "Industrial policy of the regions: stability, import substitution, new reserves of development" the panel discussion "A perspective range of financial instruments and technologies for new modernization of the industry and regions" took place.

Participants discussed problems of indirect effects of resource capitalization, new technologies of financial engineering, mechanisms of impact investing.

There was a rapid and positive action of the Government of Russia on investment liquidity, said Vsevolod Gavrilov, the Head of the directorate of project of energy saving and ecology of Sberbank of Russia. In a crisis, in his opinion, it is very important to maintain the integrated chain of contract works: "The role of the regions and their governors is very important in the preparation of the respective chains". It is necessary to restore at this stage the destroyed chains, including by sorting out of non-payment.

"Banks' efforts are not enough, the State should make efforts for the implementation of major projects", said Vladimir Kalatuzov, the Deputy General Director of Gazprombank Energoeffect JSC. "It's no secret that we have staff shortages, from fitters, turners, and to leaders, and very low level of responsibility because of the high turnover. It is necessary to create legislation that would reduce the lack of professionalism, will fight with staff turnover, formulate rules for outsourcing. After all, the tax collection depends on it. There is another fundamental issue: Today the business has no motivation to move forward, in particular because it is a huge problem to put new technologies into production. The State is required to offer motivation and clear industrial development strategy", considers the expert.

Iwao Ohashi, the Advisor for Japan and Asia-Pacific countries of the Association of Industrial Parks of Russia gave a presentation on the possibilities of further development of industry and the territories of regions of Russia. Giving the example of industrial parks in some countries experiencing investment boom, he proposed to develop similar concepts for the regions of Russia: "Integration approach is very important - we need find a zone of growth for the point of growth, and then the field of growth... Innovation, transport logistics and clear financing system, increasing the investment attractiveness of projects are especially important here". In response to cues from the audience Iwao Ohashi confirmed that Japan carefully studied and used the Soviet experience and approaches (in the context of Gosplan) to the development of territories of faster growth. "Of course, industrial parks are necessary, but they can not fully replace the self consistent growth", said Vladimir Kalatuzov commenting on the presentation.

Technologies of the XXI century is a clear project and the rapid pace of decision-making and construction, experts agreed.

There was an expert discussion "Infrastructure of support and competencies capacity in the implementation of industrial policy" within the conference, during which experts discussed standards and "technological corridors", the organization and the use of ratings and benchmarking, preparation of handbooks on best available techniques, as well as the problems of training new personnel for modernization.