Discussion of trends in minerals' upstream

20 january 2015

On the threshold of the presidium meeting of the Presidential Council for Economic Modernization and Innovative Development of the Russian Federation the Analytical Center held a roundtable “Development and implementation of innovative technologies in minerals’ upstream”.

During the roundtable experts discussed current scientific and technological, economic and environmental trends in minerals’ upstream as well as problems of development of advanced technological solutions and pointed machines, facilities and consumables import substitution.

"This issue is among key ones in the the Russian Federation development. Unfortunately, today we see that domestic technologies are poorly implemented in geological exploration, in contrast with the foreign equipment. We are planing to prepare a set of materials and proposals for the presidium meeting. It is necessary to figure out which threats the minerals' upstream is facing and discuss essential measures for state regulation and support of Russian innovative solutions development and implementation in various sectors of raw materials extraction", said the First Deputy Head of the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation Vasily Pushkin opening the roundtable.

Participants of the event presented their proposals on the industry development in the thesis format. Among major challenges of the minerals' upstream experts mentioned the lack of a strategy for technologies' development and feedback mechanisms with state corporations, the oil prices fall and consequently the expansion of the state's role in innovations' supporting.

The First Deputy Director of the Russian geological holding company ROSGEO Gennady Alexeyev among problems mentioned the easy resources depletion of mineral resource base, the reduction of deliveries of mineral raw materials and high-tech equipment, the Russian technologies' obsolescence. "There are legal restrictions, namely the Russian Federation Law "On Subsoil. It is necessary to let subsoil users efficiently extract minerals of each specific field", considers the expert.

The Head of the Department at Science and Technology Center of GAZPROM NEFT R&D CENTER Dmitry Koroteev focused on global challenges faced by the oil production industry. "Firstly it is in maintaining of current fields production, the actual development of technologies for enhanced oil recovery methods and wellsites inflow stimulation. Secondly it is in entering new resource bases. We are talking about “difficult” resources and the Arctic", said the expert. All technologies in these two areas should be combined in the overall national development strategy, considers Mr. Koroteev. “Not a single company can cope with such a challenge as the Arctic", said the expert.

Experts also discussed some additional state regulation measures to be taken to ensure the expanded reproduction of the mineral resource base and production volumes with the use of Russian technologies. It is necessary to create a testing area for pilot testing of new technologies with tax preferences, the insurance, the technologies' purchase guarantee. It is also necessary to create an information portal for different issues and activities that will be used to collect proposals and feedback.

Representatives of the Government Office of the Russian Federation, federal executive bodies, hydrocarbon and other types of mineral raw materials extraction major companies, small and midsized technology companies and scientific organizations took part in the roundtable.