Russia’s education challenges in the Analytical Center's bulletins

12 january 2015

The Analytical Center started to post information bulletins on the Russia's education state.

In the first issue experts consider possible models of formation and implementation of the program on development, reconstruction and repair of schools - "declarative", "cluster" and "mobilization". The Government in conjunction with state authorities of the Russian Federation is mandated to develop and approve a program on promotion of the establishment of new places in educational institutions, involving financing sources. The implementation of this program is planned to help to reduce a child’s load in school, create favorable conditions for the implementation of federal state educational standards for general education and enhancement of the supplementary education role for children. The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin talked about the classes and schools’ overcrowding and the need to create additional 4.5 million school places in his Address to the Federal Assembly 2014.

The second issue is on the implementation of the Government of the Russian Federation Decree № 481 dated May 24, 2014. This Decree approves the document “On activity of organizations that provide protection and care of orphans and parentless children, and on sending the parentless children to such organizations” which will come into force on September 1, 2015. The document is revolutionary in terms of organizations for orphans and parentless children determination as temporary residences - an intermediate stage of children identification in organizations up to the moment children return to or are placed in families. Supported by the Russian Federal State Statistics Service’s data experts consider possible positive effects, problems and consequences of the Decree’s implementation.

Information bulletins on the Russia's education state will be prepared on a quarterly basis.


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