It is necessary to strengthen net horsepower and information security in Russia

25 december 2014

The Analytical Center conducted a roundtable "Questions of international information security: shift in emphasis and priorities due to change in political and economic environment in the world".

"The purpose of today's event is in the exchange of views between technical experts and representatives of jurisprudence and international law on information security with the use of information and communication technologies", said the Head of the Directorate for Information Technologies of the Analytical Center Aleksey Khromov. 'We want to exchange experience in order to understand which problematic issues are the most relevant now, since now these issues are at the crossroads of many disciplines and technologies"

The main report of the event was on new projects of the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence and global security issues. In his speech, President-Chairman of the Scientific Council of the National Institute for the Research of Global Security, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Envoy of the Russian Federation Anatoly Smirnov noted that the world is going through the next stage of the information revolution, social networks boom. "Unfortunately, this situation leads to anxiety, moreover, in recent years menaces' ratio shifts in the military-political sphere", said the expert. That is why cyberNATO study activated now, considers Mr. Smirnov. "We see that the Alliance is increasing its efforts to legalize the so-called information warfare each year - wars with the use of sixth generation weapons, the latent and information weapons.  Legalization of current international law occurs, which, unfortunately, lags behind the boom dynamics of the information revolution ", said the expert. In November the largest multinational military exercises «Cyber Coalition 2014" in the history of NATO took place. 670 IT-experts, scientists, militarists from NATO countries studied the possibilities of cooperation in cyber-warfare. The task was to check readiness for rapid exchange of information on cyber incidents, as well as efforts coordination to defend against targeted attacks directly on the computer network, said  Mr. Smirnov. "That's why in the new version of the Russian Federation military doctrine this topic is under serious consideration. This theme will be reflected in the new information security doctrine of the Russian Federation, which will appear next year", considers the expert.

During the last meeting where the Russia's information security problem was under discussion, it was decided to create a system for information space monitoring. Mr. Smirnov is sure that it is necessary to strengthen the network horsepower and information security of the country in every possible way, as well as in cooperation with partners in CSTO, SCO and BRICS negotiate in the GGE UN format on international information security. "We must strengthen our actions, otherwise the world will face "cyberarmageddon", said the expert.

The roundtable was held in partnership with the Institute for International Studies (IIS) of MGIMO University. In 2015 the Analytical Center will hold a conference on information security.