Head of Udmurt Republic: investments are needed in all constituent entities of the Russian Federation

5 december 2014

An agreement on cooperation in scientific, research and information, expert analytics spheres was signed by the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Udmurt Republic today in Moscow.

The Document determines cooperation of the parties, which is focused on region comprehensive socioeconomic development assurance. Among promising directions in cooperation there are – monitoring of government programs realization, federal and regional projects, carrying-out of an analysis and projection of the Udmurt Republic socio-economic development key figures. The Agreement provides for research and information, expert analytics and advisory activities, conducting of joint forums, workshops and conferences.

The Head of the Udmurt Republic Alexander Soloviev pointed out advanced significance of cooperation between the region and the Analytical Center. “We signed that agreement and we will work together. Investments are needed in all constituent entities of the Russian Federation, but mostly in the Udmurt Republic”, said the official.

“Our joint interest is in all-Russian and regional development. The Udmurt Republic possesses a vast potential – industrial, human, intellectual, which is of importance in today’s world”, said the Head of the Analytical Center Konstantin Noskov. However, for the purpose of potential realization an extensive work should be done, according to the expert.