Arctic Energetics - atom and local varieties of fuel

3 december 2014

Evgeny Gasho, the expert of the Analytical Center spoke "Ways of housing and communal services infrastructure efficiency improvement in the Arctic cities" during the strategic session of the innovation management unit of the Rosatom corporation.

"Arctic reclamation is not about only natural shelf resources, it is also about warmth and light in the houses of polar explorers, Vorkuta miners and Yamal gas workers. Infrastructural energy solutions for settlements various in sizes differ a lot. Reclamation of various local varieties of fuel, renewable and secondary resources, garbage and used POL should be done. Atomic experts' technologies and competence may be actual for interconnected complex tasks solutions for troubleproof energy supply in tough climatic and environmental conditions", said Mr. Gasho.

Rosatom formed a working group for proposals generation on a "road map" and the Arctic reclamation program.

The program of the open session of the interagency working group on the Arctic reclamation can be found here.