Open data portal functions but needs to be improved

19 november 2014

The Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Vasily Pushkin spoke at the roundtable within Bishkek open data days under joint name “Open Government documents for socio-economic development and public services refinement”.

Speech on the “Portal as tool for Open Government work” was dedicated to the portal refinement, which will make it work properly. “Legal Framework which restricts the open data work needs improvements for the interaction clarity of the government authorities which are involved in data disclosure and for the open data publication activation”, considers the expert.

Open data development in Russia is now possible through the systematic approach to this issue on all state government levels. It was significantly motivated when a new Minister for the Open Government system development, Mikhail Abizov, filled the post in the Government. Dmitry Medvedev, The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, is in charge of the government commission on the Open Government activities' coordination. The Council of experts and the Open Data Council are created with the assistance of academic, public and business communities.

Openness principals' implementation on federal, regional and municipal levels affected state procurement, budgetary forming and performance.

The Open Government work was started with general requirements to the regulatory authorities but gradually a need for a special portal launch aroused. Nowadays the open data portal is launched and functions, but it needs to be improved in several directions such as legal framework improvement, procedural help for the user community, interface optimization and other.