Russia will be able to secure itself with provision

13 november 2014

“Legislation should have a long-range plan, determine milestones and solve import substitution problems”, said the Head of the Directorate for Legal Groundwork for Land and Property Regulations of the Analytical Center Natalia Zhavoronkova opening the roundtable “Topical Issues of Russian Food Supply Security Legal Coverage Update”.

The law on agricultural development seeks for upgrade due to the passage of the law “On strategic planning”, and a relevant federal target program should become a tool for such planning, noted Ms. Zhavoronkova. The expert also announced another important issue: WTO relations, especially coming lawsuits as of inland producers baking of farm produce and retaliatory sanctions to the West. Legislation upgrade on GMO, pesticides and toxic chemicals presence in goods is needed.

If Russia institutes an absolute embargo on GMO, no sanctions will be needed, as practically every available product contains GMO, according to the Deputy Director of the Department of the RF Ministry of Defense, the assistant professor of the Russian Business Acacdemy Khadzhimurad Belkharoev. The expert also suggested instituting a status when subsidies will be granted for real manufactured products, not for tilled territories.  An opportunity for villagers to sell their own or woods-collected mushrooms and berries – which requires an analogue for previously widely used “procuring offices” - is very important.

Trainings and instructions for highly qualified law experts who can win WTO cases and create a mature and adequate base for upcoming changes are essential. Almost every participant of the roundtable mentioned that.

Experts noted that Russia has made a huge step forward in agricultural sector, e.g. butter-fat home industry almost completely provides the country with its products and comes second in export (after grains). With the assistance of the state this country with huge agricultural capabilities can be completely provided with domestic products.