Prequalification results of Contest of projects on presentation of budget for citizens

24 october 2014

As the results of the Contest committee consideration of applications, which were applied for prequalification October 6-10, were sum up, a list of prequalified was formed and passed.

Not later than November 3, 2014 the prequalified will get e-mails with targeted invitations including recommendations on projects’ improvements for the next round of the Contest.

For participation in the federal competition, the prequalified gives an application to the Analytical Center. This application should contain the project updated with the use of recommendations given in the targeted invitation.

In the second round will be considered not only prequalified projects but also best applications containing the Contest projects on presentation of budget for citizens, selected by organizers of regional “Public Budget” contests - executive government bodies of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation.

Filing period for second round applications: November 24-28, 2014