Best practices of project management will become the basis for future standards

13 october 2014

Head of the Directorate for Project Management in the Public Sector of the Analytical Center Pavel Shestopalov spoke at the IPMA and IIPMA joint public workshop “Major trends and industry principles of the project management in the public sector”.

Pavel Shestopalov spoke on the topical issues of the implementation of project management methods in the federal ministries and regional authorities. For instance, at what level and what exactly does the term “project” imply within the implementation of the government programs? How can we build the system of project management in the executive branch of the government? How can we combine a hierarchical system of control through sections and departments with a matrix system through this project? How to enforce the fiscal discipline and at the same time to reward employees for their achievements in the project?

The issue of national standards in the sphere of project management was of particular interest during the workshop. Should the federal center prepare an integrated standard or should there be a framework document which will be filled in directly by the regions? With the participation of Pavel Shestopalov the GOSTs (State Technical Standards) were developed. Are they consistent with the requirements of the standard or are they universal and require only some improvement from specific industries? How to combine different approaches to project management, which exist in different federal ministries?

Pavel Shestopalov also spoke about the contest of project management systems in the public sector titled “Project Olympus”, which had been organized by the Analytical Center. The key objectives of the event were: to halt the current development of project management in regional authorities, to choose the best practices and to use them in the development of new standards and the regulatory documentation.