The role of renewable energy in the global and European energy sectors has increased significantly

7 october 2014

Experts of the Analytical Center have prepared a new energy bulletin on the stimulation of the development of renewable energy.

In this bulletin the experts have analyzed the development of the renewable energy in the retail and wholesale energy markets of Russia. Nowadays projects based on renewable energy are being developed at the expense of the Electricity market consumers, who will annually overpay nearly 70 billion rubles until 2020. The experts pointed out that the same approaches are true at the retail market level for both centralized and isolated systems, and the rules of stimulation for realization of projects on this level are not enacted yet. At the same time there are special requirements, according to which regions should limit the rates on  the electricity for citizens, therefore, when the stimulating exemptions for renewable energetics are brought in, the charges will increase not only for regional industrial users but for the regional budget as well. According to the specialists, this limits the adoption of documents that will make the stimulation of renewable energy a part of the centralized system. The experts believe that the realization of the renewable energy projects on isolated territories is limited by the operating methods within the regulation of the rates, so long-term regulations of the rates are needed.

The experts also talked about the goals and the perspective of the European biofuels in heat and electricity production. According to them, recently the role of the biofuel in heat and electricity production in Europe has increased significantly.  

So at the beginning of this year the European Parliament has asked the European Commission to create common criteria and requirements for the biofuel in all EU countries. The Commission promised to consider the fair balance between different political objectives of the sustainable development, the energy security and the competitiveness. However, the experts think that the general requirements should have been adressed long ago, since the lack of clear rules for achieving the required goals put large financial investments in jeopardy.

Among other topics of the bulletin are the use of peat in the Russian energy sector and the oil production in Iraq.