Governor of Volgograd region: Current development is impossible without professional expert’s assessment

3 october 2014

Today, within the celebration of the Days of the Volgograd region in Moscow, the Analytical Center and the Government of the Volgograd region signed a Cooperation Agreement on scientific, research and expert analytical cooperation.

The Agreement provides guidelines for future cooperation and collaboration between the Government of the Volgograd region and the Analytical Center for the purpose of providing integrated socio-economic development of the Volgograd region.

According to the provisions, the regional authorities will be able to receive expert analytical and advisory support on the issues of implementation of the regional government programs and priority projects, long-term forecasting, strategic planning for development of the economy and social sphere. Also, among the promising areas of cooperation are: increasing public administration efficiency, improving the activity of regional public institutions, creating conditions for attracting investments. The Agreement also provides the possibility of holding joint forums, seminars, conferences, as well as publication of the results of the conducted research.

The Governor of Volgograd region Andrey Bocharov positively estimated the experience of cooperation between the region and the Analytical Center that has been going on for several months now, and he also noted that the modern development of the territories, production and any other domain is impossible without serious professional expert assessment. “We have already had a good experience with the Analytical Center, which helps us to assess the socio-economic situation, human resources in the region, to forecast and plan government activities at all levels aimed at the socio-economic development of the Volgograd region, the development of productive forces, the industrial production and the agricultural sector”, - said the Governor.

Director General of the Analytical Center Konstantin Noskov believes that the interaction with the regions is beneficial for both parties. “The main consumer of our services is the Government of the Russian Federation, but we cannot provide a truly qualitative information, if we do not work closely with the regions”, - he said.

Mr. Noskov rated Volgograd region as a difficult but promising region. He has expressed the hope that cooperation within the frameworks of the concluded Agreement will contribute to the socio-economic development of the region and allow it to become one of the leading regions of the European part of Russia.