Applications for participation in the Contest “Budget for citizens – 2014” will be accepted from 6 to 10 October

3 october 2014

The Analytical Center together with the Russian Ministry of Finance and the Governmental Commission for the coordination of open government have announced an open Contest of projects on presentation of budget for citizens of the Russian Federation. Applications to prequalification will be accepted from 6 to 10 October.

Among the participants of the Contest can be both individuals and legal entities. There are several nominations in the Contest: budget for certain social groups of citizens, focus-view on a budget and comparative analysis of regional budget expenses and others. The Contest’ participant shall submit a project on providing information on a budget according to the chosen nomination, in a clear and accessible form, as well as to develop proposals for its practical implementation.

“The idea of the Contest is to see how the average man understands the meaning of the “budget”, - explains Vladislav Onischenko, First Deputy Director General of the Analytical Center. - Participants will offer their options for presentating the information on the budget, formats and channels for information dissemination. Following the review of their works it would be clear what information is of the most interest for citizens.”

Mr. Onischenko said that a similar competition was held in 2013. Applications were received from 23 financial bodies of the Russian Federation, 3 local (municipal district) administrations, 9 organizations and 60 citizens. The most interesting Contest’ proposals, selected by the Contest Commission, were placed in the Registry of Contest projects.

In 2014, 26 subjects of the Russian Federation have started the development of the project “Budget for citizens” and have agreed to hold contests on their territories. According to the results of the prequalification the Contest’ projects that could have practical significance will be submitted for participation in the federal competition.

The Russian Ministry of Finance intends to develop recommendations on promoting the use of products submitted by the winners of public contests at the federal, regional and local levels, including through the creation of a library on its website of the best practices marked “winner of a public competition - 2014” and “recommended by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation and the Open Government”.

More information on procedures of the Contest, as well as the guidelines for application can be found here.