Experts recognize that it is necessary to improve the geological exploration activities

3 october 2014

The Analytical Center hosted the roundtable “Current energy law issues in the context of global energy crisis”, where experts have discussed the role of the energy sector in the Russian economy at the present stage, as well as the primary foreign and domestic legal issues of sectoral development.

Experts brought up the issues of legal regulation of the energy sector and the management system in various sectors of the fuel and energy complex of the Russian Federation. The experts have also discussed the formation of development trends within the oil and gas sector, nuclear power, energy conservation, use of alternative energy sources.

“We do not have a basic law that will show us the large picture and cover the overall fuel and energy complex, - said the Head of the Directorate for Legal Groundwork for Land and Property Regulations, Environment, Nature and Energy Analytical Center Natalia Zhavoronkova. - We only have a diversified system of sectoral regulation, and energy sector is the most developed”. According to her, the law that regulates the oil and gas sector and the coal industry has become obsolete.

During the discussion, the Director of the FBI “Rosgeolekspertiza” Sergey Gudkov told about the latest developments that took place in the subsoil resources sector. “Changes are not very extensive, as the legal regulation is aimed at solving specific problems, - he said. - New developments affect the licensing of subsoil use and the relevant spheres.” The expert said that a number of provisions of the non-legislative acts were adopted as laws and now there is a strict separation of competences between the Russian Federation and its subjects. “At the moment most of the requirements needed to obtain a license are being transferred to the project documentation, – Mr. Gudkov said. - License only seals the period for project documentation preparation and provision of information on geological topic. Volumes, types and terms of work are defined by the project documentation”.

Head of the Legal Department of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation Anastasia Bondarenko has pointed out the basic problems of legal regulation of the electricity sector. “Sectoral regulation has  constant dynamics, since electricity  is a support system of the country’s life that stimulates activity in the entire industry,” - she said. According to her, the main problem of the industry is to preserve current electricity costs. “The end customer who pays the electricity costs, is in a situation where the rates are constantly rising,” - said Ms. Bondarenko, adding that the Government is working on several fronts in order to resolve this issue. Thus, companies have begun to perfect their investment activities . The focused was on changes in the public involvement in the discussion of investment programs. “Programs are changing in online regime. This is very important, taking into account the territory of our country and a large number of companies,”- considers Ms. Bondarenko.

According to participants of the event, the main reason for global energy crisis is a disparity between exploration and renewal rate of natural recourses. “The gap is growing, - said the Deputy Head of the Legal Department of the FBI “Rosgeolekspertiza” Denis Nikishin. - The stock that remained from the Soviet Union period, when a lot of money were spent on exploration, is almost exhausted. Experts recognize that currently there is an urgent need to improve the geological exploration activities.