Survey among Russian innovators on effectiveness of state support measures for their activities has been extended until 10 October

29 september 2014

Due to the growing interest in the survey, the Analytical Center has decided to extend the survey among the Russian innovators on the effectiveness of the state support measures for their activities until 10 October.

“The information regarding this survey has caused a wide resonance among Russian innovative companies. We cannot ignore the increasing interest in the survey, - said the Deputy Head of the Department for Sociological Research Programs of the Analytical Center Viktoria Lizunova. – That is why we have decided to extend the survey with 10 days in order to provide the opportunity to speak to the maximum number of participants”. It is planned to interview several thousand domestic innovative organizations.

The funds necessary to develop and support innovation are allocated by the state on a regular basis for several years, but so far the performance evaluation has been carried out without the participation of the beneficiaries. The survey among innovators on the feasibility, effectiveness and efficiency of state support is being conducted for the first time and is an important tool for obtaining feedback. The monitoring of the current state of innovation infrastructure and the role of government support from the point of view of innovative organizations will be conducted on the basis of the survey’s results.

The survey is being conducted by the Analytical Center with the support of the federal and regional authorities, development institutions and business partners.