Analytical Center – 55 years of service to the Government

1 october 2014

Analytical Center is celebrating its 55th anniversary! We have a rich history: organization was established in 1959 in the period of active development of the Soviet economy, went through all the changes in the socio-economic structure of the Soviet and Russian state and it is serving its country up to this day.

The Analytical Center “has grown up” from the Main Computing Center of the USSR State Planning Committee. The longest and highly productive period of its activity was held under this name. The Main Computing Center was the analytical core and a huge accounting machine of the State Planning Committee – the General Staff of the Soviet economy.

The Center for Economic Analysis and Forecasting (since 1993 - Center for Economic Analysis) and the Working Center for Economic Reforms were simultaneously formed in December 1991 during the change of the economic development model of the state on the basis of Main Computing Center. In the most difficult period of the breakup of the Soviet Union the Center for Economic Analysis has been solving completely new for that time tasks of macroeconomic forecasting and analytical support for economic reforms. The Working Center for Economic Reforms has been created for legal groundwork for reforms. Its experts were involved in the creation of a number of draft laws and medium-term programs; as well as in the preparation of expert opinions regarding a huge flood of legislative initiatives and institutional documents, identifying incompetent and unreasonable budget proposals made by lobbyists.

Its present name the organization has received in 2005. On December 20, 2005, based on the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation № 777 and the merger between the Center for Economic Analysis and the Working Center for Economic Reforms, the Analytical Center has been established and has become their legal successor. With the use of its own information and analytical tools, the Analytical Center has been conducting the collection, monitoring, and comprehensive analysis of the socio-economic development of the country. Since December 2012 the Analytical Center took the form of a consulting company that provides support to the Government activity. The Analytical Center moved from complex research and the annual volume of reports to the format of analytical reports on socio-economic development of the country, which are prepared on a daily basis both under the request of the Government, and on its own initiative.

The Analytical Center met its 55 anniversary in the new format, absorbing and retaining all the best that has been accumulated by organizations-predecessors, applying modern approaches and new practices in its work, and remaining faithful to its main goal - to provide expert support to the Government.

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