Work organization scheme for the development of Information and Communication Technologies at the federal level needs rationalization

25 september 2014

Head of the Directorate for Information Technologies Aleksey Khromov spoke at CNews “ICT in the public sector: public services and not only”. The expert made a presentation on “The main priority areas of informatization and features of organization of work on the development of ICT in the public sector”.

“At the moment, among the priority areas of informatization in the public sector we can highlight the systemic development of the ICT industry as a technological basis for the realization of ideas in building the information society, - said Aleksey Khromov. - As well as the creation and implementation of automation model for the integration processes of interagency cooperation, exchange of data and electronic document system”. According to him, it is necessary to improve the efficiency and functioning of the government through the establishment of e-government and provision of public service to the population. “Improving the efficiency must take place in key sectors and activities, namely: strategic and territorial planning, financial management, housing and communal services, healthcare and energy”, - believes the expert.

Mr. Khromov noted in his speech that the informatization in the public sector is focused on the creation of the information society by meeting the needs of citizens, improving the efficiency of interaction between the government authorities, providing services on demand, bringing order and a conscious development of the IT infrastructure. “For an effective implementation of the informatization in the public sector we need to ensure consistency of the informatization plans and work needed for the development of ICT at the federal and regional levels of government”, - he said. The expert believes that the current scheme for ICT development at the federal level is too complex and needs to be rationalized.

Relevance of the ICT topic for the public sector is growing. At the moment, the system of interdepartmental electronic interaction used in providing public services, connects 83 subjects of the Russian Federation, more than 1,200 regional authorities and 5,600 local governments. Transition to providing the main public services in electronic form of will occur in the near future. There will be a simplification of procedures and an improvement in the ease of engaging e-government services. The number of documents that citizens should store and present in person will be reduced from eighteen to one.