Analytical Center asks Russian innovators about efficiency of supporting measures taken by state

22 september 2014

Russian innovators can share their opinion about the efficiency of supporting measures taken by state answering questions of a poll till September 30. The on-line poll has been held by the Analytical Center with the assistance of federal executive authorities, institutions and business partners.

‘We have already received information from 22 regions,’ Viktoria Lizunova, deputy head of the department fro sociological research programs of the Analytical Center, said. ‘In the next 10 days we plan to get more data from different agencies, including commercial, research, and public organizations so that we have a wide range of respondents and opinions.’

The state has regularly been issuing funds for the development and support of innovations for the past few years. However, up to the present moment the evaluation of the efficiency has been carried out without the participation of the fund receivers. The poll will be the first in history and is addressed to innovators, who will decide on the reasonability and efficiency of the state support. The poll is considered an important feedback tool. It results will allow to identify and analyze the problematic areas of cooperation between organizations, state authorities and development institutions  currently conducting innovation activities.