Acceptance of applications for “Project Olympus” Contest finished

22 september 2014

On September 19 acceptance of applications for the contest of professional project management in the public sector “Project Olympus” stopped. The number of applications received during the campaign confirmed the high interest to the contest.

Regional authorities were the most proactive participants: they sent over 60 applications from 50 regions of Russia. Over 30 participants applied for special nominations of the Ministry of Communications and Media and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.

The Organizing Committee expects contest reports from the participants until September 30 and then assessors will evaluate the reports till October 15 according to the approved methods. The evaluation results will be presented to the Organizing Committee and it will choose winners.

The Project Olympus Contest aims at authorities of different levels (federal, regional, and municipal) and of different department participation as well as state corporations and development institutions which use methods and tools of project management in their main activities.